Naples Haunted Places

While there is controversy when it comes to the existence of ghosts, word has it that these creatures (or else) really exist and continue to haunt certain historical places. One of the most haunted places in the world is Naples, the capital of Italian region referred known as Campania. If you would like to know, here are the Naples haunted places.

Palm cottage

Palm cottage is touted to be the oldest house in the city of Naples. Available evidence indicates that it was built in 1895. The house is currently open to the public for guided tours, made possible by the Naples Historical society. According to some people, the house started having ghostly encounters it was open for renovations. Workers at the site complained that they would find their tools moved and certain hallways had cold spots.

Koreshan State Historic Site

In 1869, Chicago doctor named Cyrus Teed adopted a new name (Koresh) and developed a new sect in which he was self-declared Messiah. He decided to bring his followers to Naples in 1984 and built a commune he called the Koreshan Unity. Teed died later in 1908 and his follower decided to tarry until he resurrects.

When he failed to resurrect, Naples health department decided the body was a health risk and so they disposed of the body. The body was later placed on a mausoleum on the beach but it was washed out to the sea years later by a hurricane. Other Koreshans came with the last dying in 1982 and their spirits (including that of Teed) are thought to continue watching over the land. Several witnessed shadow people who disappear on the trails and floating orbs of light as well as unexplained voices in the buildings.

First National Bank Building

Remember the film “Day of the Dead”; it was set on this 1914 granite building. The movie opens with the evidence of blood spatters on the walls and the building is filled with zombie actors. While this is just a movie, witnesses claim that the building is actually haunted. Employees in the building have complained for a number of years that they see ghost of a man who runs through the stairwell. This building is located close to The Dunes community in Naples.

Useppa Island

History has it that a little girl named Useppa, who was kidnapped in Havana and imprisoned by a pirate named Jose Gaspar on an island that was later named after the girl, was murdered (via beheading). Proponents claim that they see her headless ghost walking along the shore of the island.

Cabbage Key Inn

The Jimmy Buffett hit is believed by locals to have been inspired by Cheeseburger in Paradise, the inns restaurants specialty. However, this historic site is also well known for its ghost haunts. A phantom of a long brown haired woman is believed to visit the inn’s guest rooms and a busser was once seen flying across the kitchen. Pundits believe that the phantom is a woman who came to Naples from New York, lived in the restaurant and later died of tuberculosis.